martes, 31 de marzo de 2009

Miss Congeniality

Hoy Presentamos:

I don't have a car. I don't have an apartment. I've eaten all my savings I don't know how. I've had a terrible luck with men just because I surrender so easily when I see a guy I really like. And I infatuate and love to be infatuated. And I love love and to be in love. I'm a silly romantic and I can become really fool when i'm into someone. I don't have children. I don't have a husband. I don't have nothing.I only have things to say and my feelings and my experience of life. Many men want to fuck me, and many are afraid of me. Many have loved me but haven't dared to do something about it. I'm so sensitive, and vulnerable...I cry for many things. I'm water. Love and creativity are so far my reasons to live. And my friends. And spirituality. I'm sometimes naive, and It's hard for me to react quickly. Therefore, I write, and I think a lot. Loneliness and Hermann Hesse's "Demian" have tought me to perceive and read beyond the senses, so it's difficult to lie to me. I can read, forecast reactions and know a person in only 5 minutes. Therefore, I don't like everyone. I also write because people don't listen and they enjoy interrupting when you talk. I don't like normal people. I find normal people quite nasty and evil, and many times ignorant and many times intolerant and many times jealous. I don't like rich people and I don't like women who gossip at others' back. I don't like "sabiondos" who pretend to intimidate others with knowledge: Talento sin probidad es un azote. However I don't hate them. I've learned to adapt an melt with them. I don't like fights unless strictly necessary. What I really do not like is the extremist opposition of my country. They represent the epithome of evil and stupidity and lackness and envy. I'm not a resentful person, but I've learned to forget quickly, so it's easy for me to say good bye and close the door. I have no discipline, I always arrive late to office (I don't know how they love me that much) and I'm not patient, and I can only be totally productive when I'm under pressure. My family history summarized reminds me of "A Hundred Years of Solitude" I have a very disfunctional relation with my mother and I sometimes think that blood family is actually NOT the base of society. It has made me very independent, and dependent of my freedom. However I deeply love my friends. I love my work. I love my career, children, animals, photography, the night, President Chávez, December afternoons, coffee, tiny cafes and restaurants, walking, sleeping, Caracas, my room and my collection of souvenirs of the world. And I do love my family too, and my mother, of course. I'm just not used to being close to them. Spirituality, and magic and wisdom saved my life, so they are part of me. I don't have great hobbies. I don't watch television. I don't have a deep nor profound knowledge of anything, so don't expect me to teach you, nor expect me to show off a huge display of culture. My life is simple, and finally quiet and peaceful. The only intense thing are my ideas. I waste too much time on internet, and right now I'm not advertising myself. Como que necesito un novio...joder

(taken from my Myspace presentation)

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  1. Esta presentación la leí en myspace y no es por nada, pero me gusto mucho! : ) a mi me cuesta presentarme, mejor dejo que mis actos lo hagan por mí, pero, buuhh mejor me voy animar a escribir una, para que mejoré mi reputación! jaja

    "And I infatuate and love to be infatuated" love this effing line!

  2. jajajajjaaj yo no creo que esa presentación sirva para un currículum vitae, pero qué caray...hay que asumirse :)